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How Our Rehoming Policy works

Firstly you need to take a look at our animals that are looking for a loving forever home.

Think about your lifestyle and family life when choosing. Dalmatians for example look great in a Disney film but in real life they are large dogs who think with their belly, They will always try to scavenge food off the kitchen sideboards and they require loads of exercise, about 2 hours of off lead running a day. Not a good dog to own in the middle of London, but a fantastic dog to own if you live in a rural area with lots of fields and woods.

Read up on your dog breeds, you may be surprised to know that Staffordshire bull terriers were bred to protect children. They are a nanny dog!

We try to keep this site as up to date as possible, but the sooner you talk to us the sooner we can get the ball rolling.

Once you have chosen one of our animals and you think that you can offer it a suitable home, get in touch with us. We will get you to fill out one of our questionnaires which we can email to you or you can download directly and email back.

Once we have the questionnaire back we will contact you to arrange a homecheck.

We do this mainly to check your garden. Dont worry, 99% of people pass. We just want to make sure that your garden is fenced and isn't littered with barbed wire and broken glass. If you were to offer a cat a home we want to make sure that you dont live on the M1 motorway!

It probably wont be one of us that does the homecheck. There is a network across the country of similar small rescues and we all help each other out by doing local homechecks for each other.

Even before the homecheck is done you are more than welcome to come and meet the pet you want. If you wanted a dog and you already have one, feel free to bring them with to meet the new addition to your family. You can take them for a walk to get to know them better as well.

Once your homecheck is complete we get your dog neutered, age and health permitting, before you take them. We don't do it before as we prefer their rehabilitation to take place in a loving environment, not kennels.

We will also make sure that your pet is microchipped and will have a 4 week free insurance cover.

There is a compulsory minimum donation of £200 per dog. This will cover neutering (age permitting, There is no reduction for puppies etc. Please see our adoption terms and conditions), kenneling fees, first vaccination and microchipping.

Our adoption terms and conditions can be found here.

We will arrange all this with you as we are aware that we rehome across the country and sometimes travel and timings can be an issue but we are very flexible and can meet you any day of the week and any time within reason.

Homechecks are valid for 3 months so you could always have it done before you find your pet to speed up the process.