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Funds Needed to help Brewster.

Poor Brewster was found straying in some woods, he was emaciated, covered in road tar and suffering with severely swollen ankle joints on both his back legs.

He spent almost a week in the vets, undergoing intensive care, for blood tests, Tar removal, and X-rays on his legs.

He's now in a foster home so he can gain weight and some condition.

Whilst his blood tests were good, Unfortunately his X-rays revealed infections in his joints, and breaks which have healed badly.

After being examined by a top orthopedic surgeon, he feels the best thing for Brewster is to have the joints fused, as they are too old to be re-set now.

It will be a good few weeks before he can have the first operation due to his poor condition. For the time being he is being kept comfortable while we build up his weight and his strength.

He's only baby, around 18 months old and he has his whole life ahead of him which were certainly be worth living unlike his recent months.

We have no idea how this beautiful boy ended up like this, despite all he has been through this gorgeous lad has the most amazing nature.

The cost of these two operations, and his medication needed is going to be in excess of £2500.

Can you help us give this boy the future he deserves after all he has been through ?

You can help by going to this go fund me page

Or calling Terrington Vets Directly on : 01553 828423

Thank You.