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Adoption Questionnaire

Please fill in the form and press submit. It is quicker that downloading, completing and emailing it back to us,

Please consider all the questions compulsary,

We have had to, regrettably, make the decision along with most of the rest of the country that we can no longer accept cheques as a means of donation. While this may be a slight inconvenience for some people we feel without the backup of a guarantee card now people will understand why we have taken this decision. We are looking into other forms of payment but most secure ones require an initial outlay which we feel would be better spent on the animals rather that allowing people to pay with a credit card.

It may look like a lot of questions but we have to ensure that the pet you are looking to adopt will have a safe forever home. The questions are not meant to be tedious, but with the animals best interests at heart we have to be sure. It will only take you a few minutes to do.

We are sure you understand.

When are you looking to re-home your new pet?:
How many adults are living there:
How many children are living there (and ages please):
Do you work?:
If so how hours will the dog be left alone?:
What are your working hours:
Please describe your home – house, flat (which flat), downstairs flat, bungalow, other?:
Other home description:
Do you own your home or is it rented?:
If not do you have a written agreement allowing pets?:
Do you have a garden:
Is it a shared garden:
Are you planning, in the near future, any of the following
A baby, moving home, holiday or change of work hours ?:

Where will your pet sleep:
Why do you want a pet?:
If you are enquiring about a dog have you had one before?:
What breed 1:
What breed 2:

Would any of the following be a problem?barking, signs of
aggression?, toilet training?,shedding of hair?:

Have you had a pet before, if so then what?:
Do you have any other pets, if so then what?:
Are your existing pets neutered :
If you are enquiring about a dog many hours exercise would you be able to give a week?:
How long will your dog be left home alone?:
Any breed that you were after:
Any particular animal you were interested in?:
Do you want a boy or a girl:
What kind of age group where you after?:
How big?:
Will you be taking out insurance and with who?:

Any thing else you want to tell us:

I agree to make a mininum donation of £200 which I understand is non refundable towards
Ravenswood Pet Rescue to help them continue their work


Where did you find out about us:

Can we keep your info on file as although we may not have the dog you want right now

we may have something soon that would suit you and we want to be able to tell you

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions for adoption